Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips for Choosing an Atlanta Real Estate Agent

The real estate agent you choose for your Atlanta real estate agent transaction may make all the difference in the deal you get. The right agent will make sure you get the best price on your transaction and ensure the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. We have four tips for choosing the best Atlanta real estate agent for your needs.

Buying or Selling?

You may choose a different Atlanta real estate agent based on whether you are buying or selling your home. A buyer's agent represents the best interests of the buyer, in terms of getting the best price and terms. By the same token, the seller's agent may keep information about the home to himself, if it might negatively impact the sale of the home. Make sure you choose an agent that best represents your end of the sale.


While Atlanta real estate experience is important, it is even more essential for the real estate agent you choose to have experience in your particular community or neighborhood. The real estate industry tends to be inundated with newcomers that boast little experience in the actual market, so make sure the agent you choose has the necessary experience to get you the best deal possible.

Education and Credentials

Licensing is crucial when choosing an Atlanta real estate agent for your home purchase or sale. This professional will be responsible for ensuring that every piece of paper that goes into your closing is 100 percent accurate. He will also help you get the best deal and minimize your hassles along the way. Those who make Atlanta real estate a full-time profession – and have the professional credentials to prove it – will usually be your best bet in negotiating your own Atlanta real estate transaction.


The Atlanta real estate agent you choose should have passed at least 15, eight-hour courses and passed examinations in Georgia to prove that they are qualified to handle your real estate transaction. In addition, the agent should belong to a multiple listing service and hold certain real estate distinctions to illustrate her commitment and experience. Real estate agents should work a minimum of 30 hours each week to be considered full-time Atlanta real estate agents as well.

Choosing the right Atlanta real estate agent makes all the difference in the success of the sale or purchase of your home. By following these tips, you can make the most of your next Atlanta real estate transaction.